Fitbit Flower Power

fitbit flower

While I’m not exactly looking to lose weight, I’ve had an unsightly beer belly my entire life. Even before I started drinking beer, I had a gut and carried baby fat that caused other kids to make fun of me and killed me self esteem. I’m mostly over that, but I still have a gut and the emotional strain that being teased caused will likely be with me for awhile.

I’ve always wanted to get rid of the gut, but never really wanted to diet. Dieting is the worst, and doesn’t really work so I finally decided that I needed to get more active. After some success using the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app on my iPhone I decided that I needed more data, and that my iPhone was just begging to be used as something more than social media device that also makes phone calls. So I took some time to research a few devices that track movement and activity.

Originally I wanted to use the iPhone to do all the heavy lifting. I mean, I already had an iPhone and didn’t think I needed to add another piece of hardware to the equation. Sadly the apps I wanted to use, actually drained the battery more than it was worth, and were only good for tracking your exercise while you’re doing it, not your overall daily activity.

After some research I discovered the Fitbit One. It’s small enough to be hidden in your pocket, syncs to your iPhone or Android device and tracks all of your movements through the day, and even in your sleep. Additionally, there is a desktop client which allows you to sync to your computer through usb. It’s available for Windows & Mac but if you want Fitbit Linux you’ll have to try some of the non-official releases.

Around the same time the Fitbit One was about to be released, I had a choice to wait for the Fitbit Flex. When I was thinking about the Fitbit One vs Flex I decided that I didn’t want to wear a bracelet to track my activities. It seems like it’s vanity, and it is, I don’t wear jewelry and so a rubberized bracelet on my wrist falls under that category.

Verdict? I have lost some weight, but that might have something to do with me quitting drinking. I really enjoy getting the periodic emails telling me how my steps are going, and the website looks really cool. I guess I don’t really need to lose any weight, I’m healthy enough as it is. I just like being able to see how active or inactive I am through the day, it’s like checking your bank account balance. I’m definitely more active than I was before, but now I just need to balance the other things in my life in order to get those six-pack abs.


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