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You can’t roll a spliff on a Mp3

You can’t roll a spliff on an MP3 challenge rules: No iPods, computers or other devices may be used to aid the rolling – it must be done directly on the MP3. The winner will provide his home address to The Lions, who will play a 30-60 min live show on the date of the winners choosing, within one calendar year of this challenge.  Winner must provide spliffs for the band and crew.  Must be good weed.  If the winner lives outside the greater Los Angeles area, winner must provide airfare for band and crew.  The Jamaican guys fly first class – rest of the band is OK with coach. If the winner lives outside of the greater Los Angeles area, band members and crew will have to sleep on your couch.  Good luck!


So I heard some unfavourable words about the community season 4 premiere so I had to sit down and  watch it myself. I know things will be different without Harmon, but the show is pretty badass and I think they have some funny people behind the wheel.

The episode dives directly in to the meta humour die-hard fans are expecting. Immediately after Troy and Abed establish their character, a laugh track signals that something’s up. A three camera sitcom a la Big Bang Theory is revealed to be “Abed’s Happy Place”.

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