Monthly Archives: October 2012


Wu-tang is forever. I seriously think they will live on in old age, inspiring Wu-babies to take up the Shaolin cause.

I follow the clan on Facebook, and every Tuesday they post ‘Wu-Mami’s’. The Wu-Mami’s are ladies who are showing their colours for the Wu-Tang clan, and some T&A in the process. While I don’t necessarily always agree with the idea of ladies showing off their body in exchange for 15-seconds of fame, I do respect the Wu-Tang Clan’s cultivation of their fan base.

They also have a tattoo round-up and show off the best and worst of Wu related ink. It’s kind of like the phenomenon surrounding the Insane Clown Posse, but you know… the members of the Wu-Tang can actually rap.

Ok I couldn’t think of a good name and I gave you the best I could with what little braincells I’m currently functioning on. No, I haven’t been smoking jazz-cigarettes or dropping LSD in to my eyeballs, but the toll of the modern world is reflected in my naming convention.

Enjoy this mix of fun music from the 60s/70s. I’ll eventually make a real popsux mix, but until then I will be posting little compilations of fun music in addition to the daily videos I post. Read More