Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon (Immersion Edition)


I bought the Chess Box edition of Liquid Swords on Amazon and now they are pitching me all of these box sets. I’m not normally a box set buyer, since they tend to be expensive and unnecessary. I wanted the Chess Box, because it wasn’t a lot more than I’d normally spend on an album.

The Dark Side of the Moon Immersion Edition is pretty excessive in it’s bonus features, and isn’t really that pricey considering. The thing I’m not crazy about is the fact that this is another reissue of an album that has it’s fair share of reissues already. The “Experience Edition” was a version that preceded this one, and I’ve already got the DSotM SACD/CD Hybrid special edition as well as vinyl copies.

DSotM is one of my favourite albums, one of the best ever in my opinion, and the collector nerd in me wants all these limited edition bonuses.



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